How It Works

If you're selling

This site works as a “pay and display” platform. To list an item on the site, there is a one off payment fee (outlined at the bottom of this page). 

Transactions are conducted between buyer and seller,  therefore we take 0% commission on the sale of any items sold.  


At the moment we do not purchase items and sell on behalf of the seller. 

Payment Methods

Payment methods are decided between buyer and seller. Such methods could include cash if meeting in person or electronic methods such as revolut or bank transfer.

 Delivery Methods

Delivery and how the item is exchanged is between buyer and seller. Normally this is done through courier or postal services. In some cases, a safe public location may be chosen to meet and complete the transaction when exchanging items such as a wedding dress.

If you're buying

You will need an account to message a seller. No card details are required to setup an account and there is no subscription fees for creating an account. 

Simply go to the item you are interested in and click the “message seller” button. The seller will receive an email notification with your message.




Listing an item on our site operates on a “one off” payment fee basis per item. This fee is dependent on the price of your item and will be automatically applied when you go to upload the item. The item will remain listed on the site until sold.

*Dresses must be to the value of €50 or more. This does not apply to children's wear or accessories..




€121 - €240


Listing price
€241 - €360


Listing price
€361 - €480


Listing price
€481 - €700


Listing price
€701 - €1200


Listing price
€1201 - €2000


Listing price